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OmniResearch is devoted to development of quality software and hardware products and conducting advanced research in various areas of obscure matter...

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Visual Neuroscience Articles Smart Agent

Flying Fans by Alexander Nezhinsky

NEW: First International Handwaving Meeting
Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

Omnium studies
A Tribute to DeSelby

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Press release
Jack the Ripper was the Loch-Ness monster

Progress in Multidisciplinary Research - When Brain meets Rectum
Bowel Movement Activity Triggered by Viewing Printed Matter: A Case Study
Advanced Studies in Social Sciences
Why Do Chinese Like Red and Green?
News and Views: Neural Codes and Information
What is more important, signal or noise?
Report: Neuroscience
Principle Component Analysis of Optical Imaging Signals reveals Mental Images
New Trends in Human Evolution
The Defecating Apes: Defecation and the Origins of Human Behavior
The Uncertainty Principle Is Untenable

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